Athlete Statistics: 82.5kgs Women's Raw Open Powerlifter 

June 2016: Iron Mongers Smash Weight Open | 925lbs Total | 1st Place (Masters Total) 

November 2016: IPL World Championships | 925.9lbs Total | 2nd Place (Masters Total) 

December 2017: Titus Strength Open | 986.6lbs Total | 1st Place (Elite Total) 

S: 170/374.8 | B: 92.5/203.9 | DL: 185/407.8 (Wilks: 405.077) 


Meet Natalie 

"Hello friends, my name is Natalie Dora Marie Castaneda! I currently reside in Charleston, South Carolina but I’m originally from Texas, born and raised. Right out of high school I joined the military and served in the Navy for 6 whole years! While I was in I served onboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt where I met the friend that first introduced me to powerlifting (Thanks Dustan). And the rest is history! I’ve competed at IPL World’s, achieved an elite total and worked hard for my 400+ pound deadlift. I’m just getting started and I have some huge goals for my strength sports career, but my biggest goal is to use the strengths and talents I’ve been blessed with to serve and inspire others. It is my passion to use what I know to welcome and encourage newcomers to the strength sports community. As an elite athlete you begin to build a platform not only for your lifting but also for your living. As my area of impact grows I want it to become an area of growth, encouragement and belonging.

My anthem is to show others that “Greatness is not found in possessions, power, or prestige. It is discovered in goodness, humility, service and character.”